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Our Committee


Playgroup is run by a committee of volunteers who act as trustees of the charity, These crucial volunteers kindly give their time to ensure that the Playgroup continues to be a part of the community. The committee assist in the running of playgroup and work closely with The Manager and the staff team to ensure the best for the children in our care.


Our current committee roles include:


Chair: Jack Hannah


Treasurers: Sarah Moss & Jennie Woodings


Secretary: Mrs King


Fundraising Chair: Jennie Woodings

Fundraisers: Mrs King, Keri Stevenson,

Rachael Bruford, Carol Henk and Lorna Clare


Parent Duty Rota: Vacant


Funding Co-ordinator: Sarah Moss


Admissions Secretary: Carol Henk


Newsletter: Vacant


As you may have noticed, we have a few vacant positions. If you are interested in joining our committee please do contact us.


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