Our Aims


Provide a inclusive setting with an accredited SENCo member of staff.


Enhance the development and education of pre-school children in a parent-involved community-based group.


Provide a safe, secure and stimulating environment.


Initiate independent learning and aid the development of life skills.


Work within a framework which ensures equality of opportunity for all children and families.


Foster tolerance and respect for others in our multi-cultural society.


Through the ‘Every Child a Talker’ (ECAT) government initiative we aim to support and stimulate language and communication skills in a developmentally appropriate environment.


What We Offer


Personal care and attention made possible by a high ratio of adults to children.


The support of a personal Key Person and key person buddy

Opportunities for children to have fun and to socialize with each other and with adults.


Access to the EYFS framework. This is designed for all children from birth until the end of reception, whether in attendance at a Playgroup, Nursery or Reception class within a school.


Regular visits from outside groups such as Mud Pie Arts, Tennis Tykes, Musical Education Group plus much more.


Regular trips and outings from playgroup.


“It’s a lovely space and the outside spaces are great - adventurous yet safe. The Pavilion seems to be well set out and there are extensive activities available.”


                                                         Parent Quote